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  (a) Electronic Nose Research: Our research interest is focused on developing electronic nose (eNose) technology for detection of explosives, chemical agents, body odor and environmental pollutants. The specific target applications are landmine detection, chemical weapon detection, biometric identification, health monitoring and industrial hazard monitoring. The present eNose research efforts pertain to the sensor array based machine learning system whose working paradigm is analogous to the biological smell sensing organ. The eNose is thus a biomimetic electronic system integrated with odor discrimination intelligence. In this, the olfactory receptor neurons are replaced by the sensor array, the olfactory bulb is replaced by signal processor, and the cortex part of human brain where odor perception occurs is replaced by machine intelligence. Our research efforts are directed on all the major fronts of this field, namely, the sensor array design and development, signal processing methods and algorithms, and the machine intelligence consisted of pattern recognition and data/information fusion methods. (b) Coupled Nonlinear Oscillations Research: Our research efforts in this field are directed to modeling and analysis of dynamics of self-sustained autonomous nonlinear oscillators and their coupled systems based on SAW, QCM and microcantilever resonators. The objective is design innovations for making high performance sensors. Future extension to integrated sensor system mimicking biological rhythmic processes such as firing of neurons or heart beat is intended. (c) Defence Research & Development Experience: For 25 years from December 2005 to October 1980, I worked as R&D Scientist through various positions from Scientist 'B' to Scientist 'F' at Solid State Physics Laboratory, Defence Research and Development Organization, Government of India, Delhi. While in DRDO, I worked for a number of development projects and programs ranging from the narrow gap semiconductor materials, infrared (IR) sensors and sensor array to the surface acoustic wave (SAW) signal processing devices, vapor sensors and radar pulse compression subsystem. In addition, I worked on several research problems such as noise phenomena, ac conductance and breakdown in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect (MOSFET) structures, fractal basis for variable range hopping conduction, 1/f fluctuations and dielectric response of metal-insulator percolation systems, and phenomena of radiation blistering in solids. Awards: National Scholarship Holder, SSPL Scientist of the Year

Research Interest

Solid State Physics   surface acoustic wave (SAW) signal processing devices, vapor sensors and radar pulse compression subsystem


  • DRDO sponsored project "Development of data fusion models and algorithms for molecular recognition in polymeric multisensor platforms" (2008 onwards: Rs. 40.112 Lakhs) PI

  • DST sponsored project "Feasibility study for development of electronic nose technology" (2007 onwards: Rs. 24.12 Lakhs) PI

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