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S. Kumar

Atomic & Molecular Physics
Banaras Hindu University


Academic Qualification: Examination Passed Board/ University Year of passing Division/ Grade Subjects B.Sc. (Hons) Bhagalpur Univ 1985 I Physics M.Sc. Kumaun Univ. 1987 I Physics Ph. D. Banaras Hindu University 1993 - Physics Appointments held: Designation Name of Employer Date of Joining Leaving Lecturer Tripura Univ. 01-08-1991 31-07-1996 Sr. Lecturer Tripura Univ. 01-08-1996 07-05-1997 Sr. Lecturer Banaras Hindu University 08-05-1997 15-05-2004 Reader Banaras Hindu University 15-05-2004 30-10-2007 Professor Banaras Hindu University 30-10-2007 Contd. Details of professional training and research experience, specifying period. S No Period of visit Institute/ country visited Purpose of visit From To BOYSCAST Fellow 1 May 1998 June 1999 University of Rochester, USA INSA-DFG Exchange program 1 May 2000 August 2000 University of Cologne, Germany Visiting Scientist 2 May 2003 June 2003 University of Mainz Visiting Scientist 3 May 2004 July 2004 MPIPKS Dresden, Germany Visiting Scientist 4 May 2005 May 2006 MPIPKS Dresden, Germany Visiting Scientist 5 August 2006 September 2006 Institute of Theoretical Physics, China To attend conference and Visiting Scientist 5 May2007 June 2007 Genova, Italy and MPIPKS Dresden, Germany Visiting Scientist 6 May 2008 June 2008 INFN, Poland and MPIPKS Dresden, Germany To attend conference and Visiting Scientist 7 June 2009 June 2009 ICTP, Italy and INFN Poland Visiting Professor & Invited Speaker 8 July 2010 August 2010 University of Melbourne, Australia Invited Speaker 9 July 2011 Aug 2011 ITP, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Visiting Scientist 10 May 2012 June 2012 MPIPKS, Dresden Germany Visiting Scientist 11 May 2013 July 2013 University of Leipzig Distinctions/Prizes/Awards/Medal/Fellowships, etc Recipient of Vice-Chancellor Award for Excellence in Research by BHU Varanasi for the year 2014. Appointed Simons Associate by ICTP, Italy 2015-2020. Recipient of INSA Medal for Young Scientists 1996. BOYSCAST Fellow of DST 1998. Selected as Associate of S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata (2004-2007). Appointed as Regular Associate of International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (2004-2012). Nominated as Category-A Speaker, TPSC Program of DST: 1992-93; 1996-97; 1997-98. Nominated as Category-B Speaker, TPSC Program of DST: 2000-2002; 2002-2004. Visiting Associate of UGC (1993-1995). Visited Centre of Theoretical Studies, IIT Kharagpur as Visiting Scientist 2001. JRF (through NET): Nov. 1987 to Nov. 1989 & SRF: Nov. 1989 to July 1991.

Research Interest

Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics  


  • Role of pulling direction in understanding the varying resistance of proteins Jensen I., Giri D. and Sanjay Kumar Modern Physics Letter B 24, 379, (2010)

  • Biomolecules under mechanical force Sanjay Kumar and Li MS Physics Report 486, 1-74 (2010)

  • tretching single stranded DNA Sanjay Kumar and Mishra G Soft Matter, 7, 4595 (2011)

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