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Peter Godfrey‐faussett

UNAIDS Senior Science Adviser


Peter Godfrey‐Faussett is a Professor of International Health and Infectious Diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and consultant physician at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, with over 20 years experience of HIV and TB research. After training in clinical infectious diseases and molecular genetics, he spent six years in Lusaka, leading the Zambian AIDS‐related TB (ZAMBART) project, a collaboration between the University of Zambia and the LSHTM.  

Research Interest

He developed the ProTEST initiative for the Global Tuberculosis Programmed of WHO, the forerunner of the policies on collaborative TB‐HIV activities. He was the grant‐holder and Co‐PI for the ZAMSTAR trial in Zambia and South Africa, a community randomized trial of TB‐HIV interventions covering a population of one million people.  

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