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Jose Antonio Enriquez

Adjunct Clinical Assistant & Professor
Department of Patient Care
Unilasalle University


Dr. Jose Antonio Enriquez, ia a scientist with a wide experience in biogenesis and pathology of mtDNA.  He was born in Spain in 1963. He studied biology at Autonoma University in Madrid. He obtained his PhD studying the expression of mtDNA under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Julio Montoya and Prof. Dr. Manuel José López-Pérez,  in Zaragoza University. In 1992, started his post-doctoral training in CALTECH, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Attardi, and focused on the molecular analysis of the mitochondrial pathologies. In September 1996 he was reincorporated again to Zaragoza University and obtain a permanent position as Associated Professor in 1999. In Zaragoza established a research group (GENOXPHOS). In 2007 he obtained the promotion to Full Professor in Zaragoza and in July 2009 he was appointed as Senior Researcher in the National Center for Cardiovascular Investigations (CNIC) in Madrid.

Research Interest

Funtional genetics of animal mtDNA  Animal Models of mtDNA diseases  Functional consequences of allelic variants of the mtDNA  Nuclear genes involved in OXPHOS

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