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Gulnihal Ozbay

Chairman of Department of Psychiatry
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Union Graduate College


Dr. Ozbay is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Delaware State University. Her research interests are in the area of habitat restoration and water quality issues, specifically research associated between water quality driven toxicity in harmful algae, shellfish-algae dynamics, nutrient and water quality management, aquatic ecology and bacterial monitoring. Dr. Ozbay established research facilities with the competitive grants money included are Marine Aquaculture, Shellfish Recirculating Holding System, Algal Culture and Flow Cytometry and Water Quality Laboratories and Seafood Safety Laboratory. She has also been actively involved in the promotion of international efforts to address water quality, aquaculture, and environmental issues through the Global Seminar and student and faculty exchange programs with Turkey, Puerto Rico, Belize, Saudi Arabia and Kenya and as an Embassy fellow in Marshall Islands in shellfish aquaculture and drinking water quality. She has received several awards as the “Modern Day Technology Leader Award”, “2009-2010 Women in Color All Star Technology Award”, “2008 Government Award” and “The Prestigious Coastal America Partnership Award for 2009” for Delaware Bay Oyster Restoration Project Team Effort. She received three awards as a “2009 Distinguished Scientist Award”, “2009 Faculty Excellence Award in Research & Creative Activity” and “2010 Faculty Excellence Award in Student Advising”. Dr. Ozbay has advised over 13 graduate and 40 undergraduate students and has served other 13 graduate students’ committees. She published over 40 articles in peer review journals and scientific magazines.

Research Interest

Associations between algae, shellfish, and water quality Water quality driven toxicity in harmful algae blooms, and nutrient management Aquaculture relating to water quality management and aquatic ecology Effects of wildlife and existing aquatic organisms on water quality, algal dynamics, trophic interactions Increasing student involvement in aquaculture research areas  Developing student laboratory techniques and equipment

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