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Abdallah Mahmood Ali Muslih

Assistant Professor
Banking & Finance
Ahlia University


Abdallah Muslih was born in 1975. He received his Ph.D. in Finance and Banking from UBFS (University of Banking and Financial Sciences). He joined Ahlia University in 2016 as assistant Professor in Banking and Finance. Abdallah is a specialised trainer in the field of Islamic banking.

Research Interest

Marketing for Islamic Banking, Marketing for Islamic Insurance, Risk management for Islamic Insurance, Accounting for Islamic Insurance, Islamic banking operation,


  • Iyad M. Muslih, Azzah Alkhalailah, and Abdallah Muslih, “Optimization of hybrid off-grid energy station” sent for publication, annual EESE-2014 Summit; Phuket Island, Thailand, 7-8 December

  • Iyad M. Muslih, Yehya Abdullatif, and Abdallah Muslih,” Design and optimisation of an off grid power station with a fuel cell storage system by using HOMER modelling software” Jordanian Journal of Applied Science, in print, 28-4-2014

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