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Adnan Jabbar Radhi Al-juboori

Associate Professor
Foreign Languages
Ahlia University


Dr Adnan Jabbar Radhi Al-Jubouri holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics (Contrastive Textology) from Aston University, UK (1987) awarded for his thesis ‘Computer-aided categorisation and quantification of connectives in English and Arabic (based on newspaper text corpora)’. He also holds an MA in Linguistics & English Language Teaching from the University of Leeds, UK (1976); and a BA in English Language & Literature from the University of Baghdad (1967). He started his career in 1967 as a teacher of English at secondary schools in Baghdad, Iraq. In 1974 he joined the Institute for the Development of English Language Teaching in Iraq (IDELTI) as a teacher trainer and language testing officer and was immediately appointed as a member of the National Committee for Writing New English Textbooks for Iraqi Schools. In 1977 he joined the University of Baghdad, first as assistant lecturer, then promoted to Lecturer (Iraqi HE equivalent of Assistant Professor). He was appointed Assistant Dean of IDELTI; then in 1989 he was appointed Chairman of the Department of English. He promoted to Associate Professor in 1990; and in 1991 he was appointed Director of the Speed Reading Unit; tasked with initiating the programme and designing the speed reading methodology & courses. He was later appointed Dean of College of Languages (1992 to 1994). In 2000, he joined the Hashemite University of Jordan; and in 2003 he joined the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Bahrain.

Research Interest

Dr Adnan’s research interests include text linguistics and discourse analysis (especially contrastive and intercultural studies, including those of contrastive rhetoric) ELT (including ESP): syllabus design, material production and evaluation, methods of ELT, practical in-service and pre-service teacher training Reading (including speed reading) EFL testing Corpus-based language research English Grammar


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  • The role of repetition in Arabic argumentative discourse’ in John Swales and H. Mustapha (eds) (1984) ESP in the Arab World, Birmingham: LSU/Aston University, 99-117

  • Some problems of English into Arabic translation of reference in narrative text.’ Journal of the College of Arts (Baghdad University) Vol. 48. 2000, pp. 38-61.

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