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Ali Ahmed Mahdi Omran

Assistant Professor
Arabic & General Studies
Ahlia University


Dr. Ali Ahmed Omran, born in Manama on 1st of January, 1966. Studied in schools of the kingdom of Bahrain (primary, intermediate, secondary), studied in the university of Bahrain-1993. And got the bachelor’s degree. Studied in Saint Joseph University in Lebanon for the master degree-1999 then I got the PhD degree from University of Manouba in Tunisia-2006. I have Joined Ahlia University in 2007 till now (teaching, researches, supervise on students in this university). I am working as an Arabic language and general studies Assistant Professor since 6 years and now as an Assistant Professor of Arabic language and literature, criticism and rhetoric. I has established many researches, books and magazines both international and local.

Research Interest

“Shaabyat Al Jomla wa Tatwea Al Lugha: Lughat Al I E” for Yousef Edrees,  “Al Taqaniyat Al Sardeya” in “Qandeel Um Hashem” Story for Yahya Haqqi, Alexandria University, 2015,  “Al Lahajat Al Mahliya” in Kingdome of Bahrain: Al Burhama Village as an example, Algeria, 2014,  Reading in “Hams Al Junoon” Story for Najeeb Mahfodh, Denmark, 2014


  • Book “Al Madkhal Ela Elm Al Nahaw Al Arabi”, Lebanon, 2012

  • Novel “Bayna Al Ghuroubain”, Bahrain, 2001

  • Collection of poems “Nada Al Ashwak”,Bahrain, 2001

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