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Husain Ali Ahmed Dhaif

Associate Professor
Foreign Languages
Ahlia University


Dr Husain Dhaif joined Ahlia University at its inception in February, 2003, as Chairperson of the Department of Foreign Languages. He was then appointed as Dean of Student Affairs from 2005 till 2009 when he became Dean of College of Arts & Science, a position which he held until October, 2015. He is a graduate of Leeds University and London University where he obtained his Master’s and PhD degrees. Dr Dhaif worked at the University of Bahrain from 1979 till 2000 where he held the post of Director of the English Language Centre and then Chairperson of the Department of English. His general field of specialisation lies in Applied Linguistics and his specific field of study is the teaching and learning of the English language for science and technology.

Research Interest

His research interest lies in teaching English as a foreign language, English language teaching methodology, teaching reading comprehension, teaching English for science and technology and computer assisted language learning. He has published a number of articles and participated in conferences and seminars in the U.S.A., Britain, Egypt and Jordan.


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  • “Reading aloud for comprehension: a neglected teaching aid”, in Journal of Reading in a Foreign Language”, Vol.7.1, College of St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth, England, 1990.

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