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Said Taan Al Hajjar

Associate Professor
Mathematical Sciences
Ahlia University


Dr Said Taan El Hajjar is an Associate Professor in Ahlia University Statistics and Education at Ahlia University in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He holds a BS in mathematics and a Teaching Diploma from the American University of Beirut, A Master degree in Sciences( major Statistics) from the Arts, Sciences & Technology University of Lebanon(Formerly: BCU ), and a PhD Degree from the American University of Hawaii in USA ( major Statistics). He has taught different courses in mathematics and statistics for over 20 years. He has supervised many MBA and PhD students in different fields of education. Outside the classroom, Said has presented many scientific papers at international conferences and workshops and was a keynote speaker at the Gulf E-Commerce Forum GEF 6, 2013. He has published research papers in several refereed journals on topics including mathematics, statistics, interactive learning, e-learning education, e-business and marketing. He has published four books since 2011: one on mathematics for sophomore and junior students; two on statistics for sophomore, junior and senior students; and a book on probabilities and statistics. In 2016 he published as joint author with his PhD student a book entitled Investigating the Success of E-Learning in Secondary Schools: The case of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Research Interest

Research Areas Mathematics Marketing Management Innovation Applied Probability Mathematics Education Statistics Education General Statistics Interactive and E-Learning Modelling, Testing and Analysis Statistical Software Educational Technology


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  • A Statistical Study to Provide Estimators of Hurst Parameter for a Fractional Brownian Motion Through Unbalanced Sampling Time. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. ISSN: 2375-3927. 2 (1) , pp 1-8, 2015. Said T. El Hajjar.

  • An Empirical Approach of Exploring and Confirming a Reliable Scale for Faculty Evaluation at Higher Institutions. The International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) International Conference for Teaching and Education which was held at the Katholische Akademie der Erzdiozese Freiburg, Wintererstr 1, 79104 Freiburg, Germany, on December 1- 4, 2015. The extension of this paper is published at The International Journal of Arts & Sciences. ISSN: 1944-6934. 08(08): 53-76 (2015). Said T. El Hajjar.

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