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Shawqi Mohamed Al Dallal

Computer Engineering
Ahlia University


Prof. Shawqi Al Dallal received the BSc degree in Electrical Engineering (Baghdad University), and the DEA, Doctorat d’Ingenieur, and Doctorat d’Etat from the Universty Piere et Marie Curie – France. He worked as Researcher at the French National Research Center (CNRS), France (1977), and Consultant to UNDP on renewable energy, Geneva (1977-1978). He joined Kuwait University as assistant professor from 1978 to1979. He was appointed as Chairman, Dept. of Physics, University of Bahrain (1985-1989). During 1990-1991 he joined Imperial College (London) as academic visitor. In 1991 he was appointed as Dean, College of Science at the University of Bahrain. He obtained his professorship in 1991. He was selected as Member of the Shura Council, (1993-1995). In 2010 he joined Ahlia University and appointed as Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, and in the same time as Acting Dean of the College of Medical and Health Sciences. In 2015 he became advisor to the president on Futuristic Studies and Innovation. He is Founding member and Chairman of Bahrain Astronomical Society (1991-present, 6 times), and also Founding member and Vice president of Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Science (1998-present).

Research Interest

His areas of research interest are: Advanced materials, including renewable energy, amorphous thin films, lasers, spin glasses, superconductors, and nanotechnology. Other areas of interest are Astronomy and Astrophysics.


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