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Dr. Hayder Ahmed Giha Mohd

Department of Biochemistry
Arabian Gulf University


Current academic status: MD, Ph.D., Professor -Lecturer of biochemistry and researcher, college of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Arabian gulf University (AGU), Bahrain (2005 to date) -Lecturer of biochemistry and genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum (U of K), Sudan (1999 – 2005) -Teaching & Research assistant, Faculty of Medicine, (U of K) (1992-1995) -Medical practitioner, Khartoum Teaching Hospital, (1989 – 1992) International contributions: a. Reviewer for peer-reviewed Journals: i. International - Acta Tropica - American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene - American Journal of Cardiology - Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Emerging infectious diseases -CDC - Journal of infectious diseases - Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases - Malaria Journal - Microbes and Infections - European Cytokine Network - Journal: Expert Opinion On Drug Metabolism and Toxicology - Others ii. Regional and local journals - Arabian Gulf Journal of Scientific Research - Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society - Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal Teaching Experience: - Classic medical education - Problem-based medical education Clinical experience: - Clinical practitioner in Khartoum Teaching Hospitals (1990 –1992) - The field clinician (1993 –1996) Post-doctoral training: Application of molecular techniques in prediction of drug resistance in malaria infections: Scholar by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Edinburgh University. (3 month during 2002).

Research Interest

Malaria Diabetes mellitus type 2 Metabolic syndrome Inborn errors of metabolism

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