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Prof. Amer Hussin Kamal Alansari

Department of Physiology
Arabian Gulf University


Iraqi hospital as MD/ 1978-1980 1981-1986/ PhD in University of lauvain 1986- 1992/ Assistant professor then Associate Professor in Al mustansiriya Mediacal college/ Baghdad-Iraq 1992-1993 Associate prof. College of medicine / Um Durman University/ Sudan 1993- 2005 Associate prof. in College of Medicine/ Institute of Neurosciences/ Utrecht University/ The Netherland. 2005- on: Arabian Gulf University/ Physiology department/ Associate prof, and at 2008 Professor, and 2012 Chairman of the department

Research Interest

Basic concept in learning and memory. Hippocampus function Diabetes effect motor power and cognitive functions, and management Effects of Electro Magnetic Force on the brain. Erythropoietin as a neuroprotector against ischemia of the brain. Sleep disorders Electrophysiological properties in neurological diseases. Autism


  • Kamal A, Al Shaibani T, Ramakers G. . Erythropoietin decreases the excitatory neurotransmitter release probability and enhances synaptic plasticity in mice hippocampal slices. . Brain Res ;2(1410):33-37

  • Kamal A, Ramakers GM, Gispen WH, Biessels GJ.. Effect of chronic intracerebroventricular insulin administration in rats on the peripheral glucose metabolism and synaptic plasticity of CA1 hippocampal neurons.. Brain Research;1435(30):99-104

  • Lama Sakhnini, Hassan Al Ali, Narjis Al Qassab, Iman Al Arab, Amer Kamal.. Subacute Exposure to a 50 Hz Magnetic Field Affects Prenatal and Neonatal Mice's Motor Incoordination . J OF Applied Physics ;111():309-312

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