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Dr. Riyadh Alashban.

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 SOFTGEL CAPSULES At Bahrain Pharma, production capacities for Softgel capsules (Halala certificate) are around 9 billion capsules per year. We have adopted customize approach for the contract manufacturing of Softgel capsules. we are open to manufacture Softgel capsules in variety of sizes and shapes as per customer requirement.  SYRUPS Bahrain Pharma Syrups production capacity is around 25 Million bottles per year. We offer a wide range and variety of liquid oral products in glass and plastic bottle of all sizes and in different colors. We have high quality manufacturing facility for syrups production. Our Syrup products are highly effecting, safe and produced in GMP environment.

Research Interest

 Bahrain Pharma Sterile products manufacturing plant will be a new "State of the art" pharmaceutical facility in Bahrain International Investment park (BIIP), Hidd-Kingdom of Bahrain. The facility will consist of three separate production lines for the manufacture of Vials (Sterile Liquid & Lyophilized), cartridges, ampoules and pre-filled syringes. The facility will be designed, constructed, equipped and validated in compliance with USFDA, WHO, SFDA, EMEA and local Bahraini standards required for the manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical products.

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