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Ajay Kumar Tyagi

Atomic & Molecular Physics
Banaras Hindu University


Academic Qualifications: S. No. Degree Institution Year 1. B.Sc. CCS University, Meerut 1995 2. M.Sc. CCS University, Meerut 1997 3. Ph. D. Panjab University, Chandigarh 2006

Research Interest

Study of Angular Momentum Variation in Heavy Ion Fusion Reactions: The decay of the compound nuclei at moderate excitation energy and high spin, as in heavy ion fusion evaporation reactions, has been the subject of a number of experimental studies in the past few years mainly devoted to the study of light charged particle emission in heavy ion fusion evaporation reactions. But the topic is still has lot of interest of international community, due to the detailed information about the properties of equilibrated nuclear systems as a function of the excitation energy, angular momentum, and deformation and secondly the detailed understanding of particle evaporation spectra for probing the equilibration processes in nuclear collisions and thus studying the collision dynamics. Assuming that the statistical nature of the compound nucleus decay is experimentally ascertained, some open questions are still related to the description of the average shapes of the highly excited, rapidly rotating nuclei and their influences on the basic nuclear properties like level densities, yrast line position and emission barrier heights. Specially the contribution of the exact value of angular momentum for a symmetric system is still a quest for researchers at international level.


  • Dynamical effects in the heavy ion fusion reactions of the compound nucleus 80Sr* via charged particle evaporation J.Kaur, Ajay Kumar, A. Kumar, G. Singh, S.K. Datta and I.M. Govil, Phys. Rev. C70, 017601, 2004.

  • Anomalous behavior of the level density parameter in neutron and charged particle evaporation Ajay Kumar, A. Kumar, G. Singh, Hardev Singh, R.P. Singh, Rakesh Kumar, K.S. Golda, S.K. Datta and I.M. Govil, Phy. Rev. C70, 044607 (2004).

  • Search for entrance channel effects in the heavy ion induced fusion reactions via neutron evaporation Ajay Kumar, A. Kumar, G. Singh, B.K. Yogi, Rakesh Kumar, S.K. Datta, M.B. Chatterjee and I.M. Govil, Phys. Rev.C68, 034603(2003).

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