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Ram Anjore Yadav

Atomic & Molecular Physics
Banaras Hindu University


6. Projects Undertaken as PI / Co- PI: 1. UGC, New Delhi supported project on “ Vibrational study of some tri-fluoro- anilines , benzonitriles and benzoic acids” (2005-2008: ~ Rs. 5 lacs) 2. UGC, New Delhi supported project on “ Spectra and Vibrational Study of some Vitamins”( 2011-2013 ~ Rs. 6 lacs ) 7. Awards/ Recognitions/ Memberships if any:  National Merit Scholarship holder from High School to M. Sc. (1972-1978)  Gold Medal Recipient for standing first at the B. Sc. III Examination 1976 of Banaras Hindu University  Life-Member, Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India  Life-Member, Indian Association of Physics Teachers  Life-Member, Indian Physics Association     Academic Qualifications: S. No. Degree Institution Year Division (% marks) 1 High School U.P. Board, Allahabad 1972 79.0 2 Intermediate U.P. Board, Allahabad 1974 76.6 3 B.Sc. Banaras Hindu University 1976 76.3 4 M.Sc. Banaras Hindu University 1978 67.9

Research Interest

Our current research focuses on two main areas of research 1) Spectroscopy: We are involved in the study of the vibrational characteristics of the following three types of molecules : (i) nucleic acid bases and their derivatives,(ii) molecules of medicinal importance and molecules of organic conductors and superconductors’ classes. We study vibrational spectra experimentally using IR and Raman spectroscopy. To help analyze the IR and Raman spectra and have some more information regarding different molecular characteristics we perform ab initio and DFT computations employing the Gaussian soft-wares 03 and 09 versions. Five students have done Ph. D. in this area. 2) Non-linear Optical Properties of Photorefractive Materials: Photorefractive materials are very important class of materials in the sense that these offer a medium for the non-linear interaction of two or more light waves. Such interactions lead to many important applications of these materials. We have recently started working in this area and are presently involved in the study of some resonators and other related area in these materials. Two students have done Ph. D. in this area. Two students have done Ph. D. in this area. 3) Electromagnetics and Fibre Optics: Electromagnetics is a very important and active research area in engineering and physics. Fibre optics exploits this area for analyzing theoretically different components used in fibre optic communications. Using Maxwell’s equations we have studied spherical dielectric resonators with metallic shields which protects energy from going out side the resonators. Two students have done Ph. D. in this area also.


  • Force fields for C ≡ N substituted benzenes : II. Planar and non-planar modes of the three isomeric di-cyanobenzenes D. N. Singh, J. S. Singh and R. A. Yadav J. Raman Spectrosc.(G.B.) 28, 355-362 (1997

  • Some comments on electronic and vibrational spectra and thermodynamic functions of dihalogen toluenes R. A. Yadav Spectrochim. Acta (G.B.) 42A, 689-691 (1986)

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