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Dr Stephen Lee

DOM LAc - TCM & Acupuncture


Dr Stephen Lee is from Chunhua, Taiwan.  He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has clinical experience in Shanghai, China. When he was young, his parents considered Chinese medicine to be the best treatment for the family. So whenever they felt uncomfortable, Dr Stephen’s parents would take them to a TCM clinic. He received herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments at an early age, and the results really impressed him, which is why he very confident with eastern medicine. During his studies abroad, Dr. Stephen tried using the traditional way to cure many health issues he came across. Once, his mother suffered from lower back pain and a sore waist for two months and was diagnosed with H.I.V.D.  Following the traditional way to treat her – after six sessions – her pain disappeared and the soreness wasn’t as bad anymore. Because of this, Dr. Stephen takes acupuncture very seriously; in addition using his free time to study more about acupuncture and Master Dong’s acupuncture. Therefore, it has become his first choice of treatment. During his working experience, Dr Stephen has not only cured pain and injuries, but has also decreased symptoms of headaches, flu, menstrual cramps, and so on. Until now, he is still very passionate about what he has learned and studied, and is highly motivated to use his ability to help patients in need.  

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