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Dr. Andrea Ignacio was born and raised outside of Denver, Colorado, USA. Always a dedicated bookworm, when not assisting with landscaping or other home improvements she spent every free moment buried neck down and nose deep in everything from the encyclopedia, to the back of the nearest cereal box, to whatever piece of music was set up on her piano. Because of this, from a very young age she had chronic jaw and neck pain, with frequent tension headaches (back of the skull and upper neck) relieved only by massages from mom. After high school she went directly into the US Marine Corps where untold miles of running added a mysterious knee problem that caused years of waking up at 3 am to throbbing pain. A lucky temp job as receptionist in an alternative medicine clinic led to her first Chiropractic adjustment and immediate relief from 15 years of constant neck pain and headaches. After deciding on Chiropractic as a career path, a conversation with a professor revealed the surprising cause and cure for the years of knee pain as well. After graduation Dr. Andrea took over the multidisciplinary clinic in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where she had her first adjustment. Working with massage therapists, Oriental Medicine doctors and other Chiropractors, she treated mostly post-injury patients, lifestyle related chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, and pregnant women. After this she spent 5 years working in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia at triple accredited (JCI, ACI, ACHSI) Saad Specialist Hospital, and one year starting a new Chiropractic service for the Royal Commission Hospital in Jubail, before coming to Bahrain to work with InTouch Clinic.  

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