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Dr. Bashar A. Saleh

Surgery Consultant
Placid Way


Dr. Bashar A. Saleh (General & Laparoscopic Surgery Consultant) General Surgery Gall bladder and biliary tract surgery. GI surgery – stomach, small bowel, appendix, colon and rectum (benign and malignant tumors). Breast, Endocrine and Thyroid surgery. Hernia surgery – conventional open surgery. Cutaneous and Soft tissue tumors – Warts, Sebaceous Cysts, Lymphomas, Lipomas. Surgery for gastrointestinal cancers – especially those of stomach, large intestine, rectum and anal canal. Surgery for duodenal and gastric ulcer diseases and Reflux disease (GERD). Emergency surgery for acute abdominal conditions such as acute appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, perforation and peritonitis. Ano-rectal surgery for piles, fissures, fistula. Laparoscopic Surgery/ Minimal Access Surgery Cholecystectomy Abdominal Hernia repair Thoracoscopy Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy Laparoscopic surgery for appendicitis, condition of the small and large intestines, Cancer and Endocrine surgery.

Research Interest

General Surgery Gall Bladder Surgery Thyroid Surgery Hernia Surgery Soft Tissue Tumors Gastrointestinal Cancers Cholecystectomy Thoracoscopy

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