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Ahmed Ali

Assistant Professor
Infroamtion technology
Royal University for Women


PhD in Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulations, NPS, USA MSc in Operations Research’, NPS, USA MSc in Applied Physics, NPS, USA MSc in Mechanical Engineering, NPS, USA MSc in Engineering Management, UoB, Kingdom of Bahrain BSc in Aeromechanical Engineering, Cranfield University, UK Dr. Ahmed Ali received his PhD degree in Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulations (CS Department) from NPS, USA, 2011. He has an excellent blend of MSc and BSc degrees in the fields of engineering and management earned from NPS (USA), UoB (Kingdom of Bahrain) and CU (UK), 1998-2008.

Research Interest

His interests centre on improving the understanding and performance of modelling and simulation applications of real-world problems, mainly through statistics and operation research techniques. He is also active in the field of management with main focuses on operation/project management, quality management systems and OD programs. Dr. Ahmed has an excellent work experience in maintenance and logistics (supply-chain systems) within the aviation industry. He also has over 5 years of academic experience teaching at national universities in degrees-related programs. He has a number of publications (IEEE, WSC) and attended several national and international conferences.

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