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Janon Khadim

Associate Professor
Art and Design
Royal University for Women


Dr. Janon Kadhim is Dean of the College of Art and Design since January 2015 and an Associate Professor of Architecture. She holds a PhD in Architectural History, a M.S. in Architectural Conservation, and a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. She has a long career in teaching Architecture, Interior Design, Art and Architectural History, and Conservation at universities around the world including Baghdad, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Oman. She has taught courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. She has supervised many M.S. and PhD theses including 2 PhD dissertations at “La Sapienza”, University of Rome. As a heritage expert she has had an important role as a consultant for the Municipality of Baghdad in Iraq. In addition she has maintained a private Architectural, Design and Consultation practice with her husband, also an Architect, previously in Baghdad then in Jordan, and presently in their hometown in Sacramento, CA. Her scholarly interests are particularly oriented towards the influence of cultural interaction and its impact on Architecture and Design, in addition to research in conservation and preservation of architectural heritage. She has delivered many talks and presentations at numerous professional institutions and conferences including the AIA in New York. She has many published papers in Scientific Arab journals in addition to a published book.

Research Interest

In addition to teaching she is very interested in curriculum and program review and development and is proud of her role in developing many architectural programs at various Arab universities. In the USA she also worked as an International Educational Specialist, evaluating educational records earned from foreign countries for study and work in the USA. She is affiliated with many Arab Engineering and Design Associations and is an Associate AIA member (American Institute of Architects).

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