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Seham Abd El-raouf Abd El-aleem

Department of Psychiatry
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences


Dr. Seham Abd El-Raouf Abd El-Aleem graduated from the medical school, Egypt. She has been interested in studying the pathogenesis of human disorders particularly those associated with inflammation. During her Ph.D. she worked with Wound Healing Group at the University of Manchester, she studied the role of inflammatory mediators in chronic wounds. She extended her work to other inflammatory conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, diabetic leg ulcers and keloids. Upon completion of her Ph.D., she started a postdoctoral training with the Neuroscience Group at the University of Bristol. She studied the mechanism of pain in chronic inflammation. Upon completing her training, she was awarded an independent fellowship from the Migraine Trust to investigate the mechanism of pain in headache at the University of Bristol. She had a doctorate degree in histology and she shifted to work as a histology lecturer teaching medical and dental undergraduates. 2016, She returned to research and joined cancer research group at the University of Nottingham to work with professor Lodewijk Dekker, she was funded by the UK Pancreatic Cancer Research. Through all her research career she was supported by Professors Lucy Donaldson, Mark Ferguson and Grenham Ireland.

Research Interest

•    Microscopy and Imaging and computerised image analysis. •    Computer knowledge in word processing and graphic applications. •    Research group talks and presentations at conferences. •    Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students. •    Research grant witting.

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