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Fangrui Ma

Department of Cardiology


 Fangrui Ma is the Director of Bioinformatics Core at Nebraska Center for Virology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. He has published many papers in many top rated journals. His recent PNAS paper has shown in Nature Review’s Research Highlight. His previous publications is ranked number one in terms of citations by ScienceWatch.con in 2008. He is referees for Bioresource Technology (Elsevier), Energy (Elsevier), Information Technology Research Journal.

Research Interest

 My broad experiences working in bioinformatics, biotechnology, food science, biofuel, and computer science, plus many years of teaching at a university, have prepared me as an excellent Bioinformatics researcher. My current research in Bioinformatics focuses on transcriptomics, metagenomics, proteomics, comparative genomics, structure prediction, analysis of minor variants, evolution, microbiome, and high-throughput sequence analysis. Bioinformatics is not only the data analysis at the end of research cycle. It plays important roles in every part of research cycle. The combination of Bioinformatics and traditional wet lab biology is the future of modern biology.

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