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Dr. Manosh Chowdhury

Jahangirnagar University


From a very small town, I started studying anthropology by choice at a time when the discipline just started in the university. Like to do many things, hardly I feel myself 'expert' on anything. Enjoy every minute with the students, both within and beyond classroom. After spending almost a decade with the students, I went abroad on a degree hunt mission. Did my doctorate from IDEC, Hiroshima University, Japan. Came back in 2007 and am doing all the same since. Lately am not writing much, and then only 'non-anthropological' pieces - fictions and reflections

Research Interest

opular Cultures, Media & Representations, Poverty, Class, Marxism, Public Health, HIV & AIDS, Disability, Feminism, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Nationalism, Literature and Films etc... [a range of interests that a non-expert can roam around] 

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