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Xiaoying Xue

Department of Psychiatry
Universiade Federal da Bahia


Dr. Xue is engaged in the clinical and scientific research on non-surgical treatment such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy of cancer. The main research field is related to cancer’ radiotherapy, radiation biology, molecular biology. Dr.Xue is working on using various forms of radiation to detect and kill malignant cells. Ionizing radiation (IR) plays a major role in the treatment of patients with cancer. However, the efficacy of this therapeutic modality is often limited by the occurrence of radioresistance. Dr. Xue is very interested in translational medicine and also made a lot of efforts in translational medicine in the fields of radioresistance. Dr. Xue holds the view that it is of great value to find the molecular mechanism and a key mediator of the IR response as well as a potential target for circumventing IR resistance.

Research Interest

- The clinical research in the field of radiotherapy of cancer. -The study on radiation biology of cancer. -The study related to Central Nervous System Neoplasms. - The study related to Prostate Cancer.

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