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P.n. Gupta

Assistant Professor
Chemistry and Physics
BAMU University


Awards: Awarded SHIKSHA RATTAN PURSKAR: Certificate of Excellence for Meritorious Services, Outstanding Performance and Remarkable Role by India International Friendship Society in July 2007 Throughout first class in academic career. Awarded Scholarships from High School to M.Sc. CSIR Junior/Senior/Post Doctoral research fellowships (1970-1976). Academic Qualifications: S. No. Degree Institution Year 1. B.Sc. Banaras Hindu University Varanasi 1968 2. M.Sc. Banaras Hindu University Varanasi 1970 3. Ph. D. Banaras Hindu University Varanasi 1975

Research Interest

a) Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolytes Solid polymeric electrolytes continue to attract research interest due to their enhanced properties (electrical, thermal, mechanical etc) which make them suitable for various electrochemical and technological applications. Thin films of polymeric complexes of PVA using different alkali salts like LiBr, NH4ClO4, NaI, KI in various compositions have been prepared using solution cast technique. Nano dispersed polymer electrolytes samples were also made by dispersion of Al2O3 and SiO2 (particle size < 50 nm) in order to increase the conductivity and modified viscosity of the material. Silver paste are used as electrode for conductivity measurements with the help of LCZ meter (HP 4277A) at various temperature and frequency range. It is found that dispersal of Al2O3 and SiO2 modify the conductivity and dielectric properties of the material due to increase amount of amorphousity present in the electrolyte system. The structural properties of the prepared films are examined after detailed analysis of XRD and FT-IR spectra including DSC. (b) Solid State Ionic Materials (c) Microwave Propagation in bounded solid state and gaseous Magnetoplasmas Theoretical study of propagation of electromagnetic wave through bounded solid state plasma in the presence of external magnetic field has become important because of its wide application in microwave devices in the form of passive components and active elements. From the general dispersion relation the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves in an nbounded solid state plasma under a variety of conditions are discussed. The propagation characteristics of wave guide filled with solid state plasma in the presence of longitudinal and transverse magnetic field for different types of mode are studied at liquid nitrogen and room temperatures.


  • Prajapati G.K. & Gupta P.N. Study of ionic conductivity, dielectric characteristics and capacitance measurement of gamma-irradiated conducting polymeric electrolytes PhaseTransitions, 82 (2009) 001-009.

  • Prajapati G.K., Roshan R. and Gupta P.N Effect of plasticizer on ionic transport and dielectric properties of PVA-H3PO4 Proton conducting polymeric electrolytes, J. of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Volume 71 (2010) 1717-1723.

  • Prajapati G.K., Roshan R. and Gupta P.NStructural and electrical characterization of plasticized PVA: AgI polymer electrolyte J. of Polymer Engineering, Vol. 31 (2011) 275-278.

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