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Florian Maderspacher

The University of Queensland


Our company had been established in 1972. Our company, which orientated itself to the wholesales also in1977, has come an outstanding and pioneer company in its region. Our company took the first step of its development by taking decision of moving its headquarter to Mersin because of the lack of market. Our company, which caught a prosperous performance by acting as distributor of many domestic and foreign firms with its constitution comprising of partners between the years of 1983 and 1992, has become a company that is very much liked, respected, trusted and is at the most important place in its region with its honesty. With the changes in the systems of sale, marketing and distribution in the following years, it has proved to be ready for the future in this sector by adding the most advanced equipments keeping in step with the new system to its constitution. General look on the Firm Our firm has been performing activities on an area of 15, 500 m2 at the moment. The most recent equipments of products of the technology were used in the set-up of our establishment. Our Mission To remain as a trusted, demanded, preferred, and permanent firm without making concessions from our honesty whatever the conditions are. Our Vision Our enterprise has been performing its activities with a constitution which develops itself all the time, is open to innovations in the frame of the system, can use the technology in its business, gives importance to human, and does not know any boundry in its services.

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