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Ekaterina Smoliakova

Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records


 Ekaterina Smoliakova was born in 1978 in Minsk, and in 1979. In 2001 she graduated with honors from the Faculty of History of the Belarusian State University with the qualification — Historian-Archivist, Tutor of History, and in 2010 - finished a postgraduate course of the Belarusian State University. Worked as a teacher of the Minsk State Polytechnic College. Since 2002 she is the Tutor of the Source Study Department of the Belarusian State University. Area of scientific interests: History of State Establishments, the modern organization of State Establishments, History and Organization the office-work.

Research Interest

 Smoliakova E. The problems of perfection of the office-work in the supreme bodies of power BSSR  in 1920th // Працы гістарычнага факультэта БДУ:навук. зб. Вып.5 / рэдкал.: У.К. Коршук (адк.рэд) [і інш.]. — Мінск: БДУ, 2010. — с.315-323. The author of the article is reviewing the actions of Central Executive Committee and the Soviet of People’s Commissars BSSR, which were aiming the decision of the rationalization of the office-work in the soviet state organizations in 1920th problem.  The bulk of questions connected with the perfection of the authorities is considered and the basic organizational forms and directions of this activity are defined. Smoliakova E. Documentary maintenance of management in BSSR in 1920-30 (aspects of the legislation) // Працы гістарычнага факультэта БДУ: навуковы зборнік. Выпуск 3. Бел. дзярж. ун-т. – Мінск, 2008. – С. 133-138. The analysis of acts 1920-30 (Constitutions of the USSR and BSSR, laws, decisions of the Soviet government and government of the BSSR), mentioning questions of documenting in the Soviet authorities concerning to the order of preparation and the edition of documents, kinds and forms of the documents, some parties of office-work. Smolyakova E. To history of becoming of nature protection service in the Republic of Belarus // Охранная грамота родной природы / Брилевский,  М.Н. [и др.] – Минск, 2010. – Гл. 1. The first chapter of collective work of authors «The Charter of immunity of the native nature » is devoted to reflection of the basic stages of development and perfection of management in the field of preservation of the environment, occurrence of some administrative-legal forms of its protection. The author allocates key aspects of nature protection activity during the various historical periods. Smolyakova E. Belorussisation of the state machinery of BSSR as of the main vectors of the state policy in 1920th // Актуальныя праблемы станаўлення і развіцця беларускай дзяржаўнасці: да 90-годдзя ўтварэння БССР: матэрыялы Рэспубл. Навук.-тэарэтычн. конф., Мiнск, 27 лют. 2009 г. – Мiнск, 2009. – С. 14 – 19. The policy of belorussisation in 1920th was a part of policy of the national-state construction on the Soviet basis. Its organizational structure has been incorporated in the system of state bodies of BSSR. The machinery of the state, on the one hand, formed the basic directions (vectors) of these policy, and with another, was one of the basic objects of its implementation. In the article the matter is  those actions which have directly mentioned the organization of work of authorities and administration of BSSR, and also official institutions. Smoliakova E. Contemporary situation with archival business in Poland // Архівы і справаводства. – 1999. – №6. – C. 40-42. This material deals with the problems and prospects of the archival development in Poland.

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