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Olga Ivanova

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 Was born in Osipovichi, the Mogilyov Region. In 2004 finished a historical faculty of the BSU, specialized in a archival science, in 2005 - a Master of historical sciences, in 2008  finished a  postgraduate study. In 2002-2005 worked at a position of the leading archivist in Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art. From 2008 to 2011 – the associate professor of the department of economy and management of private institution of education “Institute of Parliamentarism and Business”. In 2009 defended the doctor's dissertation on the theme “Personal archives as a part of National archival fond of Republic of Belarus”. Lecture the courses “Dokumentological science” and “Archival science” for the students of archival speciality. The circle of scientific interests includes the problems of  archival science theory, storage of the documents of the personal origin, oral memories, etc. The considerable attention is given to theoretical problems of an archival science in particular to archival terminology. A number of publications is devoted to biographic researches, including studying of life and activity of the first Belarusian archeograph I. Grigorovich.

Research Interest

 Ivanova V. “Finding” of the third volume of «The Belarusian Archive» of I.Grigorovich in BGAMLI //  Belarussian Archeoraphical Year-Book. Issue 5. / Red. U.І. Adamushka, etc. – Minsk,  2004. – S. 29–34. The article informs that in the Grigorovich collection of the Belarusian State Archive-museum, there are materials identical to the ones which Ivan Grigorovich planned to include into Part Three of the «Belarusian archive of ancient scripts» collection. Ivanova V. Contents and evolution of concept "personal archive". // Belarussian Archeoraphical Year-Book. Issue 8. / Red. U.І. Adamushka, etc. – Minsk, 2007. – S. 55–67. On the basis of the analysis of the main normative, terminological, methodological and historical publications the definition  “personal archive” and related issues are given. The author presents the historical evolution and the content of the  term “personal archive” and terminological vocabulary. Ivanova V. Personal archives in the State Repositories of Belarus. // Belarussian Archeoraphical Year-Book. Issue 9. / Red. E.M. Savitsky, etc. – Minsk, 2008. – S. 94–108. The article deals with the problems of  personal  archives preservation in the state archives, museums and libraries and presents possible ways and perspectives for their solution. The common and specific functions of the main memorial institutions in the field of the preserving personal documents are presented on the basis of the main Soviet, Polish and Belarusian archival issues. Ivanova V.  From the personal archive of I. Y. Sprogis (letters of D. I. Daugyala to I. Y. Sprogis at the Library of Vilnius University) // Belarussian Archeoraphical Year-Book. Issue 11. / Red. E.M. Savitsky, etc. – Minsk, 2010. – S. С. 312–317. The documental publication  includes the letters of the historian and ar¬chi¬vist Dmit¬ry Daugiala from the personal archive of Ivan Sprogis, saved in the Vilno Uni¬ver¬sity Lib¬ra¬ry. 10 letters from 1898 to 1903 illustrate activities and views of Dmitry Daugiala, and cha¬rac¬te¬rize the most important facts from the history of the Vitebsk Central Archiv of An¬cient Do¬cu¬ments. The correspondence may be used as a source for biography inves¬ti¬ga¬ti¬ons, re¬se¬ar¬ches in the field of archival science, archeography, source science, the history of every-day life at the end of ХІХ — beginning of the ХХ cent., the analysis of the social thinking and etc.

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