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 Siargei Khodzin was born on the 31th of May, 1963. In 1980 – finished Krasnoslobodskaja school (Minsk region) with distinction. He graduated the Belarusian State University (BSU), Minsk (1985) with first class degree in History. In the period of 1985-1988  worked as a teacher, then a head of the Doktorovitskaja school (Kopyl district, Minsk region). From 1988 Sergej Khodzin worked as a lecture of the BSSR history department at the BSU, an associate professor of the Belarus history department and then as an associate professor of the Source and museum studies department. In 1990 he defended his PhD thesis. In  October, 2000 Siargei Khodzin was elected as a dean of the History Faculty (BSU), in 2001 – was appointed head of the Source department. The area of scientific interest covers history of Belarus in the 20th century,  theoretical problems and historical aspects of the source study, Belarus history source study. Siargei Khodzin has published about 140 scientific works, including textbooks and monographs. For his progress in research and pedagogical activity was repeatedly awarded to diplomas of various ministries, agencies and organizations. In 2011 honorary  title of the High achiever in educatution was conferred on him by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus. Siargei Khodzin is the scientific secretary of the BSU Council.

Research Interest

 Kokhanovsky Alexander, Khodin Sergei 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Outlook for Belarus. National Report for the International Conference on Human Rights (Yalta, September 1998). — Minsk, Repablic of Belarus, 1998.  S. N. Khodin. The Dean of Belorusian State University History Board V.I. Shevchenko in the Evacuation in 1943—1944 V. I. Shevchenko was the dean of the Faculty of History at the Belarussian State university in 1943—1944. In this period functioning of the Belarussian State university was renewed. V. I. Shevchenko was borned in Russia, his father was Ukrainian, he finished Leningrad university, and then worked in the Belarussian State university in 1937—1941. Shevchenko founded the Museum of Archeology in the BSU, inspected museums in 1939—1940. V. I. Shevchenko was playing the great role in renewing of historical faculty in 1943—1944. Ходин С. Н. Государственное строительство в Беларуси в 1920-е гг. By using a rule of unity of content and document assignment the author developed a classification of the collected topical sources, defined general and special qualities of each group of the specific entitlement. S. N. Khodin Ethnosocial processes in BSSR in 1921—1939s: sources and prospects of research The article covers the ethno and social dynamic problems of the Belarusian society in the period between the 1st and the 2nd World War. The basic directions of historiography and the questions of the methodology, new historical source and the research methods are examined. Traditions of tolerance and the population census in the Belarusian society in the 2030th of the 20th century are analyzed in detail.

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