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 The third stage of development is connected with the construction of high-capacity. plants for ammonia production (May 1979) and urea (October 1979) in greater degree supplied with modern computerised equipment, than constructed before productions. In November 1981 caprolactam production 2nd stage was started up. In April 1985 plant Ammonia-4 with designed capacity of 450 thousand tons a year was put into operation  In June 1986 plant Urea-4 with capacity of 330 thousand tons a year was put in operation. In July 1992 instead of the production of prilled urea was started the production of urea solution used for manufacture of liquid nitrogen based fertilizers (UAN). In December 1993 instead of ammonium nitrate production the production of UAN was started. In August 1994 the production of crystalline hydroxyl ammonium sulphate was adjusted.  In July 1996 on the basis of the ammonia-2 plant was organized the production of methanol-raw. In December 1998 according to a government program of import substitution methanol- raw plant was reoriented to methanol-rectificate production with the capacity of 45000 tons a year.

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 n October 1960 the building of temporary auxiliary structures was begun, and in a year - the management of the factory under construction was formed. Initially, it was foreseen to create the production of ammonia (capacity 167 thousand tons a year), weak nitric acid (240 thousand tons), urea (70 thousand tons) and ammonium nitrate (313 thousand tons). In January 1965 the first lines of plants Ammonia-1 and Urea-1 were put into operation, and in two years (in January 1967) the second line of plant Ammonia-1was also put into operation.  The second stage of development of the enterprise included the construction of the second stage of ammonia production (March 1970), urea (June 1971) and caprolactam-1 production (April 1970). In October 1970 Grodno fertilizer factory was transformed to Grodno  chemical complex named after S.O.Pritytsky, and in May 1975 chemical complex was transformed to Grodno production association "Azot" named after S.O.Pritytsky.

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