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Natalia Krashevskaya

IPM Business School, Belarus


 Marketer-practitioner. He has been working in the field of marketing communications for more than 15 years, and "on both sides of the barrier": marketing specialist, PR man, sales specialist and head of one of the largest information agencies in Belarus. She began her career on one of the commercial TV channels, where a successful model of communication for business was built "at an intuitive level" in the period of marketing in Belarus. This model is widely used now.   She passed an internship in the US on online communications. On her return she became the creator of one of the most successful commercial projects in the Internet portal, which she managed for 10 years.   In 2015, created the communication agency "Drive-Media", working with the best companies of Belarus in their industries.   Developed and managed the implementation of more than 30 strategic projects in the field of marketing and PR.

Research Interest

Strategic marketing and planning; development of communication strategy and its implementation, strategic and operational management of Internet projects; branding, advertising and PR in various fields of activity.

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