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Mikhail Sorokin

IPM Research Center, Belarus

Mikhail Sorokin


 Ph.D. (finance), MBA (banking), head. Department of Finance, International Institute of Business (Kiev, Ukraine), Head of the Center for the Development of Financial Management IIB-Ukraine. More than 15 years of experience in consulting and research work in the field of finance (published 30 works). The author of seminars and programs for professionals: "Financial master class", "Prime-credit", coaching "Effective business plan", etc.  Visiting professor at the EMBA programs of the Kozminsky Academy and the University of New Brunswick (Canada). Consultant and trainer on corporate finance and business planning for the companies Energorinok DK, Swedbank, Fokstrot, MTI, HCM Group, Fozzi Group, Dniproenergos, Asstra Associated Traffic AG, Grevtsov Agency, etc.

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