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Eduard Rudak

Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research Sosny


 He is the Head of Nuclear Physics Laboratory at Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear research at Belarus

Research Interest

 Main research fields Modeling of physical phenomena occurring in the core of the VVER-1000 (1200). Parallel version of the loading pattern optimization technique for VVER are being developed and adapted on multiprocessor computers (supercomputer SKIF-K500). The code for calculating the steady-state and transient neutronics in VVER reactors on the basis of the correction of diffusion coefficients with the ability to describe the boundary conditions with linear extrapolation lengths are developing. The laboratory is performing investigations aimed at the study of specific features of neutronics in advanced fuel assembly VVER-1200, developing software module of variables visualization including imposition of macrodistribution of power to train professionals, carrying out numerical and theoretical study of the technical possibilities of using spent fuel assemblies at various stages of storage as a source of gamma-radiation for technological processes. Laboratory employees carry out educational and ideological work aimed at public acceptance of nuclear power in the Republic of Belarus (speaking at conferences, seminars, take part in information activities for informing the public about the benefits of nuclear energy, produce bulletin series, “Atomic Energy” and booklets of school series “I want to know everything”, publish article in state media). The information and analytical reviews and reports for national authorities to inform them about all aspects of the development trends of the global nuclear energy industry are being made.

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