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Valentina Toropova

Head of the Laboratory
Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny


 Valentina Toropova is Head of Radionuclide ( Metal ions) Species in Solution. Laboratory main research field is the study of radionuclide (metal ions) species in solutions and environmental objects. The aim is the creation of effective ways for solution of various ecological problems. 

Research Interest

  Radionuclide (metal ions) species in solution. Metal ion hydrolysis (interaction with water) in aqueous solution with the formation of mononuclear and polynuclear hydroxo complexes. Influence of different factors on metal ion hydrolysis: solution pH, temperature, radionuclide concentration, concentration and chemical nature of complexing agents (NO3-, ClO4-, Cl-, SO42-, PO43-, CO32-, C2O42-, EDTA ect.), presence and nature of foreign cations in solution. Investigation of polunuclear hydroxo complexes composition, structure and charge. Radionuclide species in soils. Radionuclide sorption-desorption behaviour in “water-soil” system.

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