Agri and Aquaculture

Agri and Aquaculture Experts

Aleksandr V. Pugachevskii

National Academy of Science of Belarus


     Director of departments of flora and herbarium; vegetation and plant resources; ecological physiology; laboratories of flora and plant systematic; mycology; productivity and stability of plant communities; geobotany and vegetation mapping; plant growth and plant development; plant ecology; pathogenesis physiology and decease resistance of plants; mineral food and photosynthesis; water exchange; sectors of vegetation monitoring; vegetation cadastre; metabolism and functions of plant's proteins

Research Interest

  monitoring, certification, appraisal of vegetative objects; scientific principles of reproduction, efficient use and flora protection; methods of environmental monitoring, forecast and prevention of emergency; research of physiological and biochemical mechanisms of formation for plant productivity and plant resistance; rendering of services in and around plant cultivation; services connected with forestry (taxation); output of agrochemical products; ecological appraisal of economy influence to vegetation of adjacent territories; mycology appraisal (species identification of edible and poisonous mushrooms); diagnostic of mold fungi in living, municipal and industrial premises; identification of pathogenic fungi in cultivated and wild plants; identification of soil microflora (species of fungi) for farms; certification of plantation and other vegetation; development of feasibility reports for creation (transformation) of especially protected natural arias; development of codes of the routine for estimation of economy influence to vegetation of adjacent territories; scientific ecological tourism

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