Toxicology Experts

Galina V. Mozgova

National Academy of Science of Belarus


    Head of The National Centre for Biosafety Research  

Research Interest

  collecting, analysis and systematisation of information concerning biosafety legislation and scientific research, field trials, import/export and commercial use of genetically engineered organisms (GEOs) and products consisting or containing living GEOs in Belarus; establishment the National Biosafety Data Base; providing relevant ministries and other republican authorities, mass communication media with biosafety information; exchange of information with biosafety focal points of other countries, international organisations; organising the scientific expertise of safety (risk assessment) of GEOs or products consisting or containing living GEOs, which trials or commercial use are intended in Belarus; advisory service on development of biosafety legislation and guidelines, good laboratory practice for genetic engineering laboratories; advisory service in bilateral, regional and international agreements concerning biosafety

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