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Vladimir V. Titok

National Academy of Science of Belarus


  Director of divisions of biochemistry and biotechnology of plants; garden management and landscape construction; laboratories of plant resources biodiversity; introduction and breeding of ornamental plants; introduction of woody plants; ecological plant physiology; clonal reproduction of plants; applied biochemistry; cellular biotechnology; chemistry of plants; plant protection; introduction and technology of berry plants; greenhouse plants; sectors of herbarium; ornamental horticulture; landscape architecture and phytodesign; "Greenhouse Exposure"; information- enlightenment work; implementation; experimental-industrial sector "Zhuravinka"

Research Interest

  Effective utilization, protection and renewal of resources, flora, identification of physiological and biochemical patterns and mechanisms of formation of sustainability and productivity of plants, the creation of scientific bases of introduction, protection, selection and management processes of acclimatization and the biological productivity of economically useful plants, based on traditional and modern methods of biotechnology and genetic engineering, biological monitoring, ecology, botany, industrial, green building and phytodesign, the use of plant resources in industry, agriculture, medicine, solving the problems of biological security of biological methods, technologies and process documentation to obtain new materials and modified forms of biological forms

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