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Emelianov Iouri

Product chief manager
Department of X-ray NDT systems
Physical Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Twenty five year R&D solid experience in X-ray applications (structural investigations and imaging), thin films physics and solid state microelectronics (gas sensors). 41 scientific publications, PhD. Recognized record of achievements in developing of X-ray imaging systems for security applications (conceptual design, technical analysis, problem solving, radiation safety, testing, commissioning, quality assurance, image processing algorithms, scanners simulation software tools). Internationally recognized scientific findings in solid thin films physics. Proven ability to manage projects and lead a team of professionals. 

Research Interest

R&D, X-ray imaging, X-ray detection, X-ray physics, accelerator physics, inspection systems, medical systems, image processing, scanner simulation software, thin films, gas sensors, product management, project management, data analysis

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