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Efremenko Vladimir Anatolyevich

Deputy General Director


    EFREMENKO VLADIMIR ANATOLYEVICH is one of the Deputy General Director

Research Interest

 Supervises the  settlement of insurance claims under insurance, reinsurance (coinsurance), interaction with emergency commissioners, surveyors, appraisers, vehicle maintenance stations; material and technical support, acquisition, use and disposal of property belonging to CASO "Promtransinvest" within the granted powers, labor protection and safety engineering, fire safety. Organizeswork for the provision of technical, medical and financial services to another insurer or to the insured (insured, injured, as well as to another person claiming insurance payment) for the purpose of executing these contracts for insurance services, in providing services to another insurance organization in determining the causes, nature of the damage when an insured event occurs. Coordinates theactivities of structural and detached units within the specified powers.

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