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Mrochek Aleksandr Gennadievich

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 Mrochek Aleksandr Gennadievich  (May14, 1953.), Cardiologist, MD, Academician of the Belarusian National Academy of Science, Professor. He was born in Minsk. He has completed secondary school № 35 in Minsk (1970), graduated from Minsk Medical Institute (therapeutic faculty) in 1976. The academic degree of Candidate of Science was awarded to in 1982 for a thesis on the «Role of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs (acetylsalicinic acid, indometacine, voltaren) and prostaglandins in atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia in experiment». The academic degree of MD was given in 1988 for a thesis on «Thrombocyte and humoral relations in patients with CHD». The author of more than 340 researches including monographs: «Cardiac diseased diagnosis» edited by V. V. Gorbatchev (1990), «Dyslipidemias», co-authored by V. V. Gorbatchev (1996), «Common cardiology» in two volumes edited by V. V. Gorbatchev (1997), «Sudden and Early Death Prevention», co-authored by V. V. Gorbatchev (2000).  

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