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Brendan Mccarra

Shannon ABC Applied biotechnology centre


  Dr Brendan Mc Carra received his Degree in Biochemistry from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) and completed his MSc in Biotechnology, also at NUI Galway. He obtained his PhD for the investigation of the effect of biochemical inductors on autolysis of spent yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus and the production of flavoured compounds.  He is currently a Lecturer at the Institute of Technology, Tralee where he lectures in Biotechnology, GMP and Food Science and Technology. Dr McCarra has previously been employed at Quest International Group as a Project Manager with responsibility for optimization, automation and control of microbial fermentations in the production of natural flavours and industrial enzymes. Dr McCarra joined the Institute of Technology, Tralee in 1996 and leads the Yeast Research Group. In 2004, he was appointed Strategic Research Area (SRA) Leader at ITT in area of Natural Products & Environmental Management with responsibility for developing and leading this thematic area. This role enabled him to play a vital role in the establishment of Shannon ABC. Dr McCarra is a Principal Investigator with Shannon ABC and has expertise in the areas of yeast and microbial fermentations, bioreactor technology and natural product extraction using enzymes. In particular, he specialises in the transformation of microbial (yeast) and agricultural biomass into natural value added food and bioingredients using environmentally friendly bioprocessing technologies, i.e optimisation of fermentation processes and yeast encapsulation technology. Dr McCarra remains an advisor to industry in relation to fermentation and biotechnology processes.

Research Interest

  yeast and microbial fermentations, bioreactor technology and natural product extraction using enzymes

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