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Dr Lorraine Richardson

Animal Science
Shannon ABC Applied biotechnology centre


  Dr. Lorraine Richardson received her degree in Animal Science from the School of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin (UCD). She then undertook a PhD in Reproductive Physiology investigating the role of the cervix in fertility differences between breeds of ewe. Her research involved techniques such as semen analysis and cryopreservation, histochemistry, enzyme activity assays, sperm binding assays, qRT-PCR, rheology and Gel Chromatography. After completion of her PhD Dr. Richardson worked as a Research Assistant in NUI Galway, investigating binding interactions between sperm cells and cervical mucins at various stages of the oestrus cycle using mucin array technology. Dr. Richardson joined ShannonABC as a Research Assistant where her research areas included innovative extraction methods for high value microalgae carotenoids, the measurement and identification of bioactives in specific plant species and the investigation of growth conditions on the production of bioactive compounds in microalgae. More recently, she was awarded the position of Research Scientist on a Horizon 2020 funded project (EDEN-ISS) which is focused on the ground demonstration of plant cultivation technologies for safe food production in space.

Research Interest

  bioactive compounds in microalgae

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