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S.b. Rai

Department of physics
Banaras Hindu University


Awards: Received merit scholarship from 1964-1970 from U.P. Govt. from High school to M. Sc. classes. Received Junior and Senior Research Fellowship from CSIR from 1970-1974. Awarded Alexander Von Humboult Fellowship of Germany in 1979. Awarded INSA � DFG Exchange Fellowship in 1993. Awarded Humboult Fellowship for revisit in 1994. Elected Fellow of Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India in 1998. Elected President of Physics Section of Indian Science Congress in 2001. Elected General Secretary in 2001 and Vice President in 2006 of Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India Academic Qualifications: S. No. Degree Institution Year 1. B.Sc. Gorakhpur University 1968 2. M.Sc. Banaras Hindu University 1970 3. Ph. D. Banaras Hindu University 1974

Research Interest

(a) Research achievement on Glassy materials We have developed tellurite and silica glasses with two or three rare earths simultaneously in host. This enabled us to get (i) Color tuned visible/white light emission from glass on NIR pumping< (ii) We get extreme UV and visible upconverted radiation on NIR pumping through energy transfer. Some of these emissions also show a tendency of lasing. (iii) Some of these glasses serve the purpose of the temperature sensor, humidity sensor etc. These results have been published in different journals. (b) Research achievement on ceramic materials Rare earth doped borate silicate tellurite glass when heated to appropriate temperature, ceramics are formed. These ceramics in some cases are transparent whereas in other cases they are semi transparent or opaque. An important thing is that nanocrystals develop on its surface or inside. This enhances the fluorescence intensity of the rare earth many fold. We have tried to locate the position of rare earth ion whether it is inside the crystal or on the surface near by or far away from the crystal. It is found that it varies from host to host and also on heating temperature. These results have been published in different journals. (c) Research achievement on phosphor materials We have developed rare earth doped nanophosphors using various techniques. Some of these are Gd2O3, La2O3, MAl2O3(M=Ca, Ba, Sr, Mg) hosts. Several rare earth species (Er, Yb, Tm, Ho, Eu, Tb etc) have been doped and their optical properties have been studied. These phosphors show very interesting optical properties. Gd2O3: Er, Yb based phosphor has been found suitable for different applications such as temperature sensor, bioimaging, fingerprint detection, optical switching, optical bistability and also as optical nano heater. Optical heating property is improved in La2O3 based phosphor. Aluminate based phosphor have been found suitable for the interconversion of Tb3+ and Tb4+ in suitable condition. Similar thing is also observed in case of Yb in +2 and +3 state exist together. In addition, we have also prepared metal (Bi, Cu, Si, Au etc) nanoparticles in different media using laser ablation and studied their different properties.


  • High resolution optoacoustic overtone spectroscopy of C2H2 with multipass optoacoustic cell and colour center laser at 1.5microne C. Hornberger, M. Konig, S.B.Rai and W.Demtroder Chem. Phys. 190, 171 (1995)

  • Two photon spectrum of o-dichlorobenzene I.B. Singh, S.B.Rai and D.K. Rai J. Mol. Spectr. 163, 364 (1994)

  • High resolution spectrum of GdO B.R. Yadav, S.B.Rai and D.K.Rai Cand. J. Phys. 54, 2924 (1976)

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