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Clifton W. Callaway

Professor Executive Vice-Chair
9 Zetland Road Limited


 Dr. Callaway studies resuscitation medicine with special emphasis on brain injury after cardiac arrest. He has developed a translational research program devoted to the topic of resuscitation from sudden death. Emphasizing the continuity of care during resuscitation, he has collaborated with prehospital care providers and emergency physicians to study acute cardiac interventions, developed a platform to study intensive care interventions, and worked with partners in rehabilitation to study long-term outcomes after cardiac arrest. Work in prehospital care has led to studies about acute monitoring and regionalization of care. Work with emergency providers has stimulated interest in provider safety and wellness, particularly related to shift-work and sleep deprivation. Basic laboratory investigations support and are informed by this clinical work.

Research Interest

  Dr. Callaway currently receives funding from the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, and Department of Defense. He has received a loan of equipment for laboratory studies, without financial support or restrictions, from Medivance, Inc. (a manufacturer of hypothermia devices).

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