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Faisca Mauro

Industrial Works Superintendent
Grupo AG
Andrade Gutierrez


Mauro Faisca is industrial works superintendent at the AG Group. Holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering and accredited by the Project Management Institute, Faisca worked in various Brazilian companies in the areas of industrial assembly, oil and gas, mining and iron metal works. Having joined Andrade Gutierrez in 2002, Faisca currently focuses on large-scale projects in refineries and has held his current position since November 2013. His area is responsible for industrial works focused on reducing costs, strengthening management and applying the best techniques available in the market. Faisca currently leads projects like the industrial works of Comperj, building and operating the Wind Towers Factory in Bahia, the Maua Thermal Power Plant in Manaus, Electromechanical Assembly in Angra 3, and the works for the replicating modules of the offshore area in Charqueadas, Rio Grande do Sul.

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