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Alice De Sousa Carvalho Gouveia Pontes

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He holds a degree in Agronomy from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1971), a master's degree in Rural Economics from the Federal University of Viçosa (1973) and a PhD in Rural Economics from the University of Montpellier I (1981). He holds postdoctoral degrees at Economic Growth Center, Yale University (1993/94 and 2002/03). He has been a researcher at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation since January 1974 and is the leader in the company's monitoring and evaluation system. He was a member of the Permanent Panel of Impact Assessment of the Scientific Council of the CGIAR in the period 2006/07. Has experience in the area of ​​rural economy, with emphasis on economic impact assessment and quantitative methods, working mainly on the following topics: planning and management of agricultural research, analysis of total agricultural productivity, research impact assessment, management information systems, prioritization methods in agricultural research, monitoring and performance evaluation of research centers and agricultural economics of agricultural research and Social Balance. He has worked in consultancies in his area of ​​expertise, especially in Latin American countries. He was on sabbatical leave at CIAT - International Center for Tropical Agriculture, in Cali, Colombia, as part of the Embrapa / CIAT cooperation, from April / 2012 to April / 2013, focusing on monitoring and impact assessment in agricultural research, in impact of biofortified products. He is one of the participants in the project "Analysis of the adoption and evaluation of impacts of biofortified products: subsidies for decision-making and formulation of public policies" running at Embrapa, as part of the BioFORT network, whose main innovation is the analysis of impacts in the scope of consumption and not only in production. Coordinated the process of conception, regulation and implementation of Embrapa's integrated model of performance management: institutional, programmatic and team (Integro), created by the Company's Board of Directors in July 2014. Until May 2017, it coordinated of the Coordination of Institutional Performance Evaluation, of the Secretariat of Management and Institutional Development, of Embrapa, which includes the coordination of the impact assessment studies in the Company. He is currently leading the technical cooperation project with CIAT, whose objective is to exchange experience in impact assessment and to carry out studies of common interest (impacts of public policies, prioritization and ex-ante evaluation and studies on recent changes and transformations in rural areas). It also leads a similar initiative in impact assessment under the Co-operative Program for the Agricultural and Agroindustrial Technological Development of the Southern Cone (Procisur). 

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Agricultural research

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