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Sebastião Pedro Da Silva Neto



Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa (1988), with MS in Genetics and Plant Breeding by the same university (1992). He received a PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology from Tokyo University of Agriculture in Tokyo, Japan (2001). He worked as a researcher in the Biotechnology Department of CAMPO, Cia. De Promoção Agrícola (1991-2002). He participated in the design and assembly of the company's biofactories in Paracatu, MG (1991), Cruz das Almas, BA (1998) and Manaus, AM (2001). It was pioneer in the development of large - scale micropropagation protocols for banana genotypes (Musa spp) of economic importance in Brazil, including the cultivars Prata Anã, Maçã, Marmelo, Terra, Nanicão and several hybrid cultivars such as Pioneira, FHIA 01 and FHIA 18. He developed the large-scale in vitro production method called "Nodai Method". He implemented the Program of Genetic Improvement of Soy of CAMPO in 1992, where he was chief improvement officer until 2005. From 2016 he was responsible breeder and manager of the CAMPO / BR Genetic partnership agreement (2007-November / 2008). He has been active in research and genetic improvement of soybeans (Glycine max) since 1992, and was responsible for genetic improvement and registration of 83 soybean cultivars and protection of 57 cultivars. He has worked in research, development, production, technical assistance and marketing in soybean and fruit farming projects

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