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Mr. Michael Puscar is the Founder, President and Principal at Grupo Internacional de Tecnología de Punta S.A. Mr. Puscar is a Founder of IPSUM. He founded Yuxi Pacific Group LLC in 2005 and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Puscar served as Director of Technology Solutions at RSI Content Solutions, Inc. (formerly Really Strategies Inc.) since August 2005. Prior to joining Really Strategies, he served as Vice President of Technology of Intellisophic Inc. He led the entire technical staff and all of Intellisophic's technical operations including software development, quality assurance, product deployment and the production environment at Intellisophic. Prior to joining Intellisophic in January 2001, Mr. Puscar was the leader of Infonautics Corp. and co-founded Sleuth product. He helped architect Electric Library and Prior to joining Infonautics, he served as Chief Engineer of the SIAS product at Lockheed Martin Corporation. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Yuxi Pacific Group LLC. He served as a Director of Infonautics Corporation. Mr. Puscar has 20 years of industry experience and expertise. He is an expert in search and retrieval technologies, taxonomies, and ontologies. His patent pending search and retrieval technology was a key ingredient in the creation of the Sleuth line of business at Infonautics. Mr. Puscar is the author of two pending patents for the development of web-based search and retrieval technology.

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