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Helio Bruck Rotenberg

Positivo Informática


Mr. Hélio Bruck Rotenberg has been the Chief Executive Officer and Member of Board of Executive Officers at Positivo Tecnologia S.A. since 1989. Mr. Rotenberg was the driving force behind the foundation of Positivo Informática in 1989. As the then coordinator of the Information Technology course at Faculdades Positivo (now UnicenP - Centro Universitário Positivo), he perceived a demand for personal computers and presented Positivo Group a business plan, which gave rise to Positivo Informática, the Brazil's largest computer manufacturer and responsible for making the country an exporter of educational technology. From 1988 to 1992, he served as the coordinator of information technology at Faculdades Positivo (currently UnicenP - Centro Universitário Positivo). Mr. Rotenberg has been a Director at Positivo Tecnologia S.A. since May 8, 2013. His successful professional trajectory already includes the ”CEO of the Year” award from Info Exame, a magazine specializing in technology published by Editora Abril. Mr. Rotenberg graduated in Civil Engineering from Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) in 1983 and earned a master‘s degree in Computer Science from PUC/RJ in 1987.

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